On Media Narratives

Journalist Michael Tracey writes on his Substack on how “Activist” Journalists Have Completely Taken Over The Media Industry”, and he would know, as I do, and given even new clarity, it helps re-affirm why our nation’s media narratives are increasingly wacky and off-kilter.

You can see it on Twitter, or 60 Minutes, or coming out of any big media organization. This isn’t Walter Cronkite’s media environment of objectivity anymore, and not only is the truth often a casualty of media warfare, it’s all too convenient to ride a media lie as long as that wave can be ridden.

Look. Media narratives rule the day. Narratives drive politics, culture, and fuel activism in search of change. In this era, not only are many narratives not even fact based, but when a false narrative is launched into the Twitterverse, some damage will be done somewhere, some minds will be swayed, and that false narrative will drive profitable clicks for those lucky media orgs trafficking in false narratives.

This writer doesn’t prefer to engage in false narratives, and that’s often a lonely road. There are still a few truth seekers and objectivity driven reporters out there, and as I ramp up this blog, the content will be reflect that old school mentality.

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