The Fidget Trend is Explosive!

Five Below. Photo Credit: SI

Five Below store reports (I asked) that they are selling 400 fidgets a week!

Not surprising as this is the hottest toy trend in the world right now.

Do the math, gross profit, and annual inventory turns on 400 units a week, and you’ve got blockbuster product performance.

Bill Cosby’s Conviction Overturned, Released From Prison Today

Ebony Magazine (November 2015)

‘The Cosby Show’ was the #1 TV show of the 1980s. Bill Cosby was America’s dad.

Before The Cosby Show, and the Jello commercials, there was Fat Albert, and I bought into all of that, like millions of Americans did.

From time to time, this writer will report on uncomfortable subject matter, and I expect readers of this website to be mature enough to handle the news of the day, even when the writing goes into dark territory to tell the story.

The Cosby Show legacy was an overall positive for America I’ll argue, but the mirage cracked in 2014 when Cosby’s sexual assault revelations became national news.

Not like it was a big secret. Cosby was talking Spanish Fly in 1969. We know Cosby accusers had allegations of sexual assault from the 1970s, and even going back to the 1960s. Larry King was laughing at Cosby’s Spanish fly joke in 1991. Then there was the 2005 deposition, and Cosby’s admission.

The headlines today are filled with Cosby’s return to society, but deep within the newsprint, are forever revelations like this:

“The disgraced comedian always fought his conviction, despite admitting in a deposition that he used Quaaludes on women, without their knowledge, with the hope of later having sex with them.” Link 

I support the #METoo movement when evidence is clear, and there are no false allegations.

With Cosby, it’s 100% clear what happened.

Independence Day 2021

The Jefferson Memorial. Photo Credit: NPS

Next Sunday is Independence Day.

July 4th is a huge and significant date in American history, but Independence Day is the official name of America’s most important holiday.

245 years later, America still has a huge national celebration with picnics, parades, festivities, and 16,000 fireworks displays (in a non COVID year) on July 4, but less and less Americans even know what Independence Day is about these days.

On July 2, 1776, the Continental Congress declared America a free nation, no longer under the authority of the tyrannical and oppressive British Crown.

America’s founding document, The Declaration of Independence was adopted on July 4, 1776, published as an earth-shattering statement, declaring America’s independence, and essentially establishing the ‘New World’, breaking away from the colonialist ‘Old World’.

One line in the Declaration, ‘All men are created equal’ (credited to Thomas Jefferson) is considered the greatest single one liner (non Biblical) in world history, and a line so powerful, it accelerated the movement to outlaw slavery in the Northern states. When America was founded in 1776, there was already a deeply calcified slave-holding aristocracy that had existed for over 150 years; inherited from the British Empire, and colonialist Europe.

Over thousands of years of world history, I’d argue the Declaration of Independence is easily on the top 10 list of major, well documented historical events, not just because it establishes America, and all this nation would become, but the beginning of the New World is monumental in so many ways.

World History 101

1. Asia and Africa

2. Greece

3. Rome

4. Age of Christianity

5. Italian Renaissance (Columbus discovers the Americas)

6. Age of Enlightenment in Europe

7. Declaration of Independence

8. Rise of America

9. The 20th Century

10. Age of Twitter

Soon I’ll write about why I included Twitter on the list of the 10 biggest world history events.

But for now, as we head into Independence Day weekend, more core DNA American history to come.

Supreme Court sides with First Amendment (as it should)

On June 3, I took a jab at corporate wokeness and said, “Our nation does have Constitutional speech protections on the Federal and State level, and while they may not apply to public or private corporations, within reason of professional standards, companies should not be policing thought or speech outside their business.”

Yesterday in an 8-1 ruling, the Supreme Court said that students have the right to free speech on social media, and schools can’t punish their students, even if that student swears, or says something dumb off campus.

Same principle will apply to corporate America wokeness, within reason of professional standards. Just don’t have that 8-1 SCOTUS ruling yet.

Case:  Mahanoy Area School District v. B.L.

Visited a new Amazon Fresh store

Photo Credit: SI

Made it to the new Amazon Fresh store in Franconia, VA. Combined with the futuristic Amazon Dash Cart technology, and some innovative signage, the store is an interesting shopping experience.

At 30,000 square feet, this is a suburban D.C. supermarket that features Amazon devices, some Amazon brands, and a full selection of grocery products.

Customers who want to take advantage of Amazon’s game-changing Dash Cart tech (employing computer vision algorithms and sensor fusion technology) need to sign in with a QR code on their Amazon app, then as they begin shopping, would place their groceries in their cart, which now identifies and tracks the products.

At the end of the supermarket experience, Amazon shoppers can now bypass the traditional checkout lanes, walk through a special lane designated for the Dash Cart tech, and leave the store as the cart charges the customer’s credit card. The receipt is emailed to the customer.

Currently there are 14 Amazon Fresh stores open in California, Illinois, Washington, and Virginia, with reportedly up to another 28 stores planned.

The future of retailing appears to be here. I’ve seen it firsthand.

Last night’s NYS mayoral primary elections begin to reveal pro-police candidates are in demand

In Rochester, NY, Mayor Lovely Warren lost her election to the more police friendly candidate Malik Evans in a near landslide.