Op-Ed: On Corporate Wokeness


The nation continues to be extremely divided, and a lot of folks are walking on eggshells these days worried about saying the wrong thing, offending someone, or holding their head down in fear of losing their jobs for having what is an all-American opinion.

The fundamental issues with wokeness are based on misguided foreign ideology, a lack of critical thinking, and a distortion of American history.

American corporations should not be driving wokeness within their organizations or trying to mold employees into thinking a certain way, adding to the nation’s division. Our nation does have Constitutional speech protections on the Federal and State level, and while they may not apply to public or private corporations, within reason of professional standards, companies should not be policing thought or speech outside their business.

I’m 100% pro-business, and a Reagan free enterpriser, but big corporations who’ve built woke business cultures with employee tribes who suddenly oppose the nation that invented human rights is wrong, ignorant, and un-American. Every good business has a mission, but trying to drive boardroom wokeness at the expense of attacking America’s history and founding principles is a bridge too far.

We have to remind people what America has done, since the dawn of the New World:

  • Began abolishing slavery soon after July 4, 1776. Completely abolished in 1865
  • In 1898, America liberated Guam, Puerto Rico, Philippines from brutal colonialist Spanish Empire
  • America secured Women’s Rights
  • USA Liberated Europe (2x) in both World War l and World War ll
  • Helped Establish Israel in 1948.
  • Transformed Japan, a militant feudalist nation who attacked USA in 1941 into a modern nation
  • Landed on the Moon in 1969

Let me conclude with a jab at woke Journalism. Reporting should be honest, objective, and should not reward a false interpretation of American history. Pulitzer Prize awards should NOT be given out for dishonest activism.

Our nation needs an honest, and mature discussion on race, and American history.

The pushback on wokeness has begun.

Image: John Karel

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