Quick Thoughts on Red and Blue States

Final House of Representatives map from 2020 Election. Credit: Real Clear Politics

No secret to anyone the United States is deeply divided. Politics is everywhere, including in big business. Can see this clearly on how big corporations are evolving their corporate goals, and especially on Linkedin, where political messaging is hammered away every single day in company post updates.

We live in a political world. How can this business minded writer not write about politics?

I subscribe to red and blue state thinking. Blue states (and cities) are more liberal, and Red states (and cities) are more Conservative.

Full disclosure, this writer leans to the red, but does hold a few blue state political positions.

Readers may disagree with this writer on important political topics of the day, but just know I write from a place where the American Heartland meets the political center of America, and contrary to what anyone may argue, many of my points of view reflect two hundred years of American normal.

See all that red on the map? Politically, that’s foundational for the DNA of American Tradition.

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