Governor Cuomo: Workplace Flirting? Or Worse?

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is no angel. He should have been investigated for the COVID related nursing home deaths, and he is one of the first two Governors who led on COVID lockdowns, which was destructive to the nation.

But the NY AG report on the Investigation of Allegations of Sexual Harassment on Governor Cuomo came up with nothing. Zero. Nada. Just ‘he said, she said.’

In many cases of sexual harassment, ‘He said she said’ is simply an allegation; one without concrete evidence that could not stand up in a court of law.

New York State is not in position to pursue criminal charges, even though the AG Letitia James’ report claims Cuomo’s actions violated State and Federal laws.

Investigation Report Link Here

In today’s developments for Cuomo, prosecutors in NYC and Westchester, and the Albany District Attorney’s office have opened criminal investigations into the Governor. And they’ll likely review the 74,000 pieces of evidence (emails, texts, documentation) from the near five month probe that didn’t prove anything beyond a ‘he said, she said.’

NY Attorney General Letitia James said of Cuomo’s accusers, “I believe women. And I believe these 11 women.”

Believing women is not evidence of wrongdoing, and is a total giveaway this is a political hit, and the AG has nothing of substance on Cuomo.

On the surface, with what is known, and with 74,000 pieces of evidence sifted through in the probe, Governor Cuomo is more likely guilty of flirting and being touchy with women who flirt back and are touchy back, and that in itself is not a crime.

And that isn’t grounds for resignation.

Not sure if they’ll get the votes for impeachment.

But when someone makes a ‘he said, she said’ allegation, threatening a person’s career and livelihood, it is the job of the law to investigate thoroughly to determine if the claim is baseless or has merit.

We’ll see what the criminal investigations can produce on a ‘he said, she said.’

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