Hurricane Ida Makes Landfall at 930 mb.

Satellite image of Hurricane Ida on August 29, 2021

In August 29, 2005, over 1,800 people perished from Hurricane Katrina, which made landfall in Louisiana; stunning the nation with unbelievable aftermath images of flooding and destruction.

On the 16th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina (today), high-end category 4 Hurricane Ida just slammed into Louisiana, once again close to New Orleans. Over the coming hours and days, we will learn the extent of what will likely be much catastrophic damage.

It was just three days ago I began seeing lower pressure models, so knew the potential was there for a catastrophic hurricane. I write a lot about hurricanes each year, so here’s some additional insights on power and pressure of these storms.

At 919 mb, Hurricane Michael (2018) was a slightly stronger storm than Hurricane Katrina (2005), but Katrina is the modern benchmark for the near worst case scenario of a landfalling hurricane in America.

Hurricane Ida made landfall in Lousiana at a pressure of 930 mb. Katrina made landfall at 920 mb.

Months after Hurricane Michael devastated parts of the Florida panhandle coast, I drove from Panama City to Mexico Beach, FL, and saw a good 30 mile stretch of Category 4/5 devastation. Learned a lot about the distribution of power from a 919 mb hurricane that day.

930 mb is a very bad store. But it isn’t a Katrina.

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