Sunday Morning Talking Points: A COVID Vaccine Reality Check

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On Friday, even with the success of 68% of U.S. adults getting vaccinated, but not actually meeting their 70% goal, the Biden Administration dinged itself when calling for censorship of misinformation on social media; which is seen as an incredibly inappropriate for any American Presidential administration to do.

President Biden would say of social media platforms, “The only pandemic we have is among the unvaccinated. And they’re killing people.”

Via USA Today, “In a statement, Facebook, said that the company won’t be “distracted by accusations which aren’t supported by the facts.”

First. The free flow of information is a huge component of America’s First Amendment. You simply can’t stop this. Sometimes government experts (with a political agenda) are wrong, and too arrogant to correct the record. Sometimes alternative voices make good points that need to be heard.

Anti-vaxxers are protected by the First Amendment. Doesn’t mean they are always right, but sometimes they aren’t wrong. Vaccinations are a deeply personal issue to millions of Americans, many with children. There is clear court/legal precedent on how vaccines work in USA, and the Federal Government can NOT force Americans to get vaccinated.

I support most standard vaccinations and know (because I study history), if we didn’t have vaccinations in USA, we would be a third world nation with a high mortality rate from many horrible diseases. We often take for granted how important vaccinations are to the human species.

The reality check here is about 30% of the adult population are not interested in taking COVID vaccines (at this time) and for most, that decision is probably solid.

And yes, there are some well respected, credible MDs who are COVID vaccine skeptical, and sometimes anti-vaxxers who, right or wrong, are out there driving caution, at times with rational insights, and at times with some kooky takes.

Why the vaccine hesitancy with this near 30% of adults? Here’s a few reasons:

1. These are still experimental vaccines. Not FDA approved. Vaccines were rushed to market without years of safety trials.

2. There are a statistical amount of side effects and fatalities attributed to COVID vaccines. Truth is, there are unknowns and some risks involved in taking the vaccines.

3. Children don’t need to be taking the COVID vaccine, and part of the reason those near 30% adults aren’t getting vaccinated, is because habitually wrong experts can’t admit this. Many parents simply do not want to inject their children with an experimental vaccine (not FDA approved). Nor does credible science say vaccinating children is needed. This isn’t polio, smallpox, typhoid, or diphtheria. It is rational to protect children!

4. With a near 70% success rate, some government officials are starting to come off as too aggressive in their push to drive up vaccine success statistics. One hundred years after the 1918 Spanish Flu epidemic, at a Federal level, those near 30% adults have the law on their side in choosing to not get vaccinated.

No one can deny that in the 2020 election season COVID was used as a political weapon, in an attempt to transform the nation. In 2021 a COVID fatigued nation (near 70% adults vaccinated) wants to move on.

Current COVID death toll is nowhere near 2020 levels, and hospitals not overwhelmed.

Everyone should take a chill pill.

These would be good reality check talking points for Sunday AM media interviews.

Inflation skyrockets to 13-year high

CNN reports, “The consumer price index, the nation’s key inflation measure, jumped 0.9% in June, the largest one-month increase in 13 years. Over the last 12 months, prices were up 5.4%, the biggest jump in annual inflation in nearly 13 years.” Link

Below is a deeper dive:

‘Proud Capitalist’ President Biden Signs Executive Order Targeting Anticompetitive Practices

President Biden Giving a Statement on His Executive Order. Photo: Bloomberg

In what is considered to be a first step to drive a more competitive playing field with big business in the American Economy, today President Biden signed an Executive Order aimed to increase competition and reduce corporate consolidation.

The Executive Order, made up of 72 actions and recommendations targets key business sectors with a goal to lower consumer prices, increase wages, and promote innovation.

“Capitalism without competition isn’t capitalism, it’s exploitation,” said the President, who called himself a ‘Proud Capitalist’.

For more information on today’s Executive Order, see the White House Fact Sheet: Executive Order on Promoting Competition in the American Economy

Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day!

On this day 245 years ago, America was founded.

Newer generations may not understand that the point of today is how thirteen British colonies declared independence from the oppressive and tyrannical British Crown, and established a nation of the NEW WORLD. In other words, before America was established, this land belonged to the British Empire, ruled by a king. OLD WORLD Britain saw humans as, ‘once a subject always a subject.’

We live in complicated times where opinions and movements are not necessarily rooted in historical reality. Fortunately, here in America, we have an incredibly well documented history of who and what this nation really is about.

On this day in 1776, The Declaration of Independence was ratified. If you know your world history from Greece and Rome, through the Europe enlightenment (OLD WORLD), you know the Declaration of Independence is the greatest document ever written, up to this point in history. The Declaration is both an American document, and a document of the NEW WORLD.

Thomas Jefferson (Founding Father, Third President) is credited with writing most of the Declaration. Jefferson was a man of the Enlightenment era, and known as “the great fighter against slavery in the emerging Republic (Hansen).”

In this era we all find ourselves in where Critical Race Theory (CRT) is in the headlines, this writer will challenge the lack of logic behind CRT that America was founded as a racist nation. Since the nation is openly having a debate on slavery and racism, and the founding of America, here’s the truth.

America was initially founded by 56 men (signers of the Declaration). Many of America’s founders hated and despised slavery, and the slave-holding aristocracy that this land inherited from the British. Thomas Jefferson wanted to include a 168-word statement that condemned slavery in the Declaration of Independence, but this was rejected, as the politics of that day was not yet ready to take down the slave aristocracy.

So why did it take 89 years after the founding of the United States to abolish slavery, and why couldn’t it have been done on July 4, 1776?

To answer both questions, I argue, you have to be well read, and a realist. The slave-holding aristocracy was deeply calcified in the original thirteen colonies. In the Declaration, the line ‘All men are created equal’ by Thomas Jefferson is the greatest single one liner (non Biblical) in world history. This is not some new statement I am offering up in 2021. This is World History 101.

On July 4, 1776, when the Declaration of Independence was first ratified, it was hugely influential in beginning to end slavery in the Northern states. This fact is left out in CRT discussions, but while it took a four year bloody Civil War, and until December 1865 to abolish slavery in the Southern states of America, Northern states began moving to abolish slavery beginning in 1777. You can Google this.

The first American Flag debuted in Pennsylvania in 1777. By 1780, Pennsylvania was moving to abolish slavery. By the early to mid 1800s, most Northern stores had outlawed slavery (see New Hampshire’s unique story). The American Flag is a movement of the Northern States. The South did not move to end slavery. This sets up the Civil War (North vs. South).

If you want to learn more about America, and who and what this nation really is about, I recommend reading three things today:

1. Declaration of Independence. Have your kids, and grandkids read it. It is America’s founding document. For two centuries, this nation was raised on the Declaration of Independence, George Washington, and the enlightened wisdom of the Founding Fathers. America’s founders weren’t perfect, but in context of thousands of years of world history, Americanism was founded as the highest level of human freedoms the world had ever known.

2. Read Frederick Douglass’ “What to the Slave is the Fourth of July’. In the mid 1800s, Rochester, NY was the intellectual battlefield for both the abolition of slavery, and women’s rights. On July 5, 1852, Frederick Douglass delivers one of America’s most important speeches on here in Rochester. In his speech, Douglass is rightfully angry at the failure of the nation to live up to it’s founding ideals, but deeply respects and honors the American system of Government.

3. I recommend reading John F. Kennedy’s Independence Day speech from July 4, 1946, where Kennedy (highly intelligent and well educated in American tradition) lays out what it means to be a traditional American. Back in the first half of the 20th Century, Americans were raised to deeply believe in American ideals, and Kennedy articulates this. As Kennedy says:

“The characteristics of the American people have ever been:

– A deep sense of religion

– A deep sense of idealism

– A deep sense of patriotism

– A deep sense of individualism.”

Let me close with this. America has a complicated, and glorious past, filled with centuries of justice, and injustice. No argument there. The American Revolution wasn’t fought over slavery like the Civil War was, but for many of the men fighting in the American Revolution, the abolition of slavery couldn’t happen soon enough. In those days, change and events took time to play out. Sometimes very slowly. But July 4, 1776 was a monumental, earth-shaking day that divided the OLD WORLD from the NEW WORLD.

Again. Happy Independence Day. The formal name of today’s holiday is INDEPENDENCE DAY. The date of July 4 is hugely significant.

Bill Cosby’s Conviction Overturned, Released From Prison Today

Ebony Magazine (November 2015)

‘The Cosby Show’ was the #1 TV show of the 1980s. Bill Cosby was America’s dad.

Before The Cosby Show, and the Jello commercials, there was Fat Albert, and I bought into all of that, like millions of Americans did.

From time to time, this writer will report on uncomfortable subject matter, and I expect readers of this website to be mature enough to handle the news of the day, even when the writing goes into dark territory to tell the story.

The Cosby Show legacy was an overall positive for America I’ll argue, but the mirage cracked in 2014 when Cosby’s sexual assault revelations became national news.

Not like it was a big secret. Cosby was talking Spanish Fly in 1969. We know Cosby accusers had allegations of sexual assault from the 1970s, and even going back to the 1960s. Larry King was laughing at Cosby’s Spanish fly joke in 1991. Then there was the 2005 deposition, and Cosby’s admission.

The headlines today are filled with Cosby’s return to society, but deep within the newsprint, are forever revelations like this:

“The disgraced comedian always fought his conviction, despite admitting in a deposition that he used Quaaludes on women, without their knowledge, with the hope of later having sex with them.” Link 

I support the #METoo movement when evidence is clear, and there are no false allegations.

With Cosby, it’s 100% clear what happened.