Bill Cosby’s Conviction Overturned, Released From Prison Today

Ebony Magazine (November 2015)

‘The Cosby Show’ was the #1 TV show of the 1980s. Bill Cosby was America’s dad.

Before The Cosby Show, and the Jello commercials, there was Fat Albert, and I bought into all of that, like millions of Americans did.

From time to time, this writer will report on uncomfortable subject matter, and I expect readers of this website to be mature enough to handle the news of the day, even when the writing goes into dark territory to tell the story.

The Cosby Show legacy was an overall positive for America I’ll argue, but the mirage cracked in 2014 when Cosby’s sexual assault revelations became national news.

Not like it was a big secret. Cosby was talking Spanish Fly in 1969. We know Cosby accusers had allegations of sexual assault from the 1970s, and even going back to the 1960s. Larry King was laughing at Cosby’s Spanish fly joke in 1991. Then there was the 2005 deposition, and Cosby’s admission.

The headlines today are filled with Cosby’s return to society, but deep within the newsprint, are forever revelations like this:

“The disgraced comedian always fought his conviction, despite admitting in a deposition that he used Quaaludes on women, without their knowledge, with the hope of later having sex with them.” Link 

I support the #METoo movement when evidence is clear, and there are no false allegations.

With Cosby, it’s 100% clear what happened.

Academy Awards Weekend

While I won’t be watching the Oscars Sunday night, and neither will most Americans, will be over on Twitter to offer a quick tribute to some of the greatest motion pictures ever made.

Superman (1978) Christopher Reeve

A deeper overview on this great American movie tribute can be found on Substack.

When TIME Magazine Was Relevant

The once great TIME Magazine has been irrelevant for years. Even with new ownership.

You can’t pick a ‘Person of the Year’ and not get it right, and expect to be called relevant.

No one person is more influential, and destabilizing to the world, year after year, than President Donald J. Trump.

This week, TIME Magazine missed it, again.