‘Proud Capitalist’ President Biden Signs Executive Order Targeting Anticompetitive Practices

President Biden Giving a Statement on His Executive Order. Photo: Bloomberg

In what is considered to be a first step to drive a more competitive playing field with big business in the American Economy, today President Biden signed an Executive Order aimed to increase competition and reduce corporate consolidation.

The Executive Order, made up of 72 actions and recommendations targets key business sectors with a goal to lower consumer prices, increase wages, and promote innovation.

“Capitalism without competition isn’t capitalism, it’s exploitation,” said the President, who called himself a ‘Proud Capitalist’.

For more information on today’s Executive Order, see the White House Fact Sheet: Executive Order on Promoting Competition in the American Economy

Bill Cosby’s Conviction Overturned, Released From Prison Today

Ebony Magazine (November 2015)

‘The Cosby Show’ was the #1 TV show of the 1980s. Bill Cosby was America’s dad.

Before The Cosby Show, and the Jello commercials, there was Fat Albert, and I bought into all of that, like millions of Americans did.

From time to time, this writer will report on uncomfortable subject matter, and I expect readers of this website to be mature enough to handle the news of the day, even when the writing goes into dark territory to tell the story.

The Cosby Show legacy was an overall positive for America I’ll argue, but the mirage cracked in 2014 when Cosby’s sexual assault revelations became national news.

Not like it was a big secret. Cosby was talking Spanish Fly in 1969. We know Cosby accusers had allegations of sexual assault from the 1970s, and even going back to the 1960s. Larry King was laughing at Cosby’s Spanish fly joke in 1991. Then there was the 2005 deposition, and Cosby’s admission.

The headlines today are filled with Cosby’s return to society, but deep within the newsprint, are forever revelations like this:

“The disgraced comedian always fought his conviction, despite admitting in a deposition that he used Quaaludes on women, without their knowledge, with the hope of later having sex with them.” Link 

I support the #METoo movement when evidence is clear, and there are no false allegations.

With Cosby, it’s 100% clear what happened.

Last night’s NYS mayoral primary elections begin to reveal pro-police candidates are in demand

In Rochester, NY, Mayor Lovely Warren lost her election to the more police friendly candidate Malik Evans in a near landslide.

On Biden’s Speech to Congress

Photo Credit: Getty

Last night President Joe Biden delivered his first speech to Congress saying “America is on the move again’, while noting the nation is at an ‘inflection point’ too.

The moment calls for more spending the President argues.

Massive spending actually.

In the amount of another proposed $2.25 trillion in infrastructure spending, and another $1.8 trillion in a family safety net, and that’s in addition to the recent $1.9 trillion stimulus.

Republicans quickly jumped to attack Biden’s ambition plans of driving up America’s debt by $6 trillion.

This blog comes at policy from a fiscally conservative, business minded standpoint. The notion that America needs to spend trillions on unnecessary big government programs and drive up our national debt to compete in the 21st Century, while China is trapped in 300% debt to GDP ratio is to be nice, at best impractical.

Saddling down future generations with high debt interest payments will make USA unflexible, stagnant, and bloated.

While I’m not opposed to government spending on legit infrastructure to rebuild roads, airports, bridges to best compete in the 21st Century, I’d want to make sure we only spend what we need out of that projected $300 to $600 billion that actually makes sense. If we can do infrastructure for $200 billion, even better.

Most of what President Biden proposed last night will be DOA in the Senate.

Politicians should stop overpromising what they can’t deliver, and focus on what taxpayers (We The People) want to spend taxpayer $$$ on to improve the nation.

New Second Amendment Case Granted Cert by Supreme Court

New 2021
SCOTUS Justice Group Photo

When it comes to gun rights/gun control narratives, the media and opposing political establishment has it out for the Second Amendment.

Here’s the key talking points of what just happened yesterday:

Issue as SCOTUS defines it: “Whether the state of New York’s denial of petitioners’ applications for concealed-carry licenses for self-defense violated the Second Amendment.”

In non legal terms, can a state restrict a person’s right to get licensed to carry a firearm outside the home, based on the requirement of demonstrating “proper cause” for self-defense?

Even through the balance of power for the Second Amendment far outweighs political opposition, with the news that SCOTUS has accepted NYS Rifle & Pistol v. Corlett, this is seen as a case that could potentially be a landmark ruling, advancing gun rights in a major way, nationwide.

Not since District of Columbia v. Heller has the Supreme Court weighed in on a major Second Amendment case, and with this new case, SCOTUS has the potential to do four things:

1. Strike down the NYS restrictive concealed carry law that requires a person to demonstrate ‘proper cause’ for self defense.

2. Clarify the court’s stance on 2A, and concealed carry.

3. Set precedent on gun rights for American citizens, both in and outside their homes.

4. Establish new standards for review on gun rights cases.

The case will likely be argued later this Fall, with a ruling expected by or before June 2022.

In coming media segments on this SCOTUS case over the next year, credible gun right’s experts have an opportunity to educate and drive clarity on 2A realities.

The Chauvin Trial Jury Tampering Was An Injustice

(Photo Credit: Court TV. via AP)

Here’s the alternative viewpoint on the Derek Chauvin verdict and conclusion of the trial; a viewpoint shared by millions of Americans:

The USA justice system works because an impartial jury views the evidence and trial arguments, and comes to a verdict without influence or bias.

The day before the jury arrived at their verdict in the Chauvin case, Judge Cahill complained that elected officials should not be discussing the Chauvin case in ways that were “disrespectful to the rule of law and to the judicial branch.” via Reuters

The judge was referring to Rep. Maxine Waters who went to Minneapolis over the weekend, and used her position of power to tell the crowd she was looking for a guilty verdict. After the Judge’s comments, and request for elected officials to not get involved, President Biden calls for the “right verdict”, based on “overwhelming evidence”. Which I argue is an impeachable offense, because POTUS undermined the the Judiciary, creating a very unfair situation.

You can’t have the President of the United States and a Congresswoman tamper with an arguably unsequestered jury, while the media toys with doxing the jury, and get a fair trial. That’s not how an impartial jury system works.

The day before the verdict was read, I wrote: If a guilty verdict comes in, an appeal is seen as more likely because of jury tampering and witness intimidation like what Maxine Waters (and others) are doing. Soon after, the judge said, “I’ll give you that Congresswoman Waters may have given you something on appeal that may result in this whole trial being overturned.”

What President Biden, Maxine Waters (any many others), and media did to tamper with the jury is the biggest legal system injustice I have ever seen (or know about) in this nation. The frightened and intimidated jury moved quick to convict Chauvin on all three charges. (This writer believes at worst Chauvin was guilty of negligence, not murder)

The odds of an appeal are always tough, but let’s see how this plays out.

Ironically, the way this all went down may have killed momentum for any serious police reform.

Into the Final Stretch of the 2020 election, a Super Close Race

Forget the ridiculous national polls that have no correlation with reality. Those are called ‘suppression polls’ and designed to drive a narrative Trump is losing big, but he isn’t.

The election comes down to a handful of swing states. The 2020 election is super close, both Presidential campaigns know it, and mainstream media pollsters know it too. If it was really a +16 race, Biden wouldn’t be so focused on Pennsylvania or Florida.

Each Presidential campaign has internal polls likely more accurate than these +12 to +16 national polls which are a joke. The election is about state polls now, and the most accurate polls from past election cycles shows Trump winning Florida, North Carolina, and Arizona, and within striking distance in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

Best polling shows Trump has a slight electoral college lead 3 weeks out, and while this map shows Arizona as a tossup, strong Arizona poll for Trump the other day with +4 (Trafalagar Poll). Michigan tilting Trump, and Pennsylvania tilting Biden.

Best thinking today is the race comes down to Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.