President Biden Addresses the Nation on Afghanistan

Here’s a roundup of what feels like the most anticipated Presidential address since President Bush post 9/11.

RT mikememoli: Biden vows “devastating force if necessary” if the Taliban disrupts U.S. efforts to evacuate U.S. personnel and partners from Afghanistan

Ending the War in Afghanistan

Next month will be the 20th anniversary of 9/11, and USA’s twenty year involvement in Afghanistan has been a disaster. Not since the Fall of Saigon (end of Vietnam War) has the United States had to leave an extensive war effort with our heads tucked down in failure.

It was President Obama who took out Osama Bin Laden in year 2011, which was the biggest victory the United States will see in our twenty year involvement in this war operation.

Launching the Iraq War was an historic, huge blunder, as USA diverted resources and focus from Afghanistan, leading a forever war that went nowhere fast. Incredible incompetence, and our military establishment and politicians need to hear this, because in the history books, America mostly wins our wars.

In the 20th Century, Republicans were masters at American warfare. Generals MacArthur and Eisenhower are both giants and legends of world history warfare. Trained of centuries of war, both were great warriors who won our nation’s most difficult war, on different theatres of war. They earned their glory and legacy.

Through the era of President George H.W. Bush with stunning success in the Gulf War, Republicans excelled in American warfare. Into the 21st Century, mostly, Republicans are lousy at war. Today’s Republicans are weak at war strategy, judgment, spending, instinct, and common sense.

Just being fair here, but as a Biden critic, the President gets an A on his report card for bringing an end to the war in Afghanistan, under fierce criticism from the nation’s war hawks.

Over 2300 American military personnel have died while serving in Afghanistan.

From a financial perspective, the United States spent upwards of $2 trillion in both the Afghanistan and Iraq wars (interest by 2050 is $6.5 trillion – Source: AP).

Afghanistan is very poor, and a tough nation to win wars in. Afghanistan has an economy of near $20 billion in GDP. About the size of Vermont’s economy. And over the course of twenty years, USA blew trillions in taxpayer dollars to let the Afghan army now likely fall to the Taliban.

Just in the last month, as the U.S. military began pulling assets out, the Afghanistan military simply fell apart as the Taliban made rapid gains. That the Afghan army quickly ‘evaporated’ begs the question, what was USA doing for twenty years occupying Afghanistan? Apparently nothing!

It is widely accepted that a main reason the Soviet Union (today’s Russia) communist model imploded was because of it’s forever war (1979-1989) in Afghanistan. We didn’t learn from the Soviets 10 year experience. Took us 20 years to end this war.

To make a historical comparison, in just four years (between 1941-1945), the United States spent over $4 Trillion (in 2019 dollars) to defeat Nazi Germany and the Empire of Japan. Let this sink in. We spent (what would be in today’s dollars) $4 trillion to defeat the two most hostile nations in world history, globally, and did it in four years. Not twenty years, to lose it all.

Reports coming out of Afghanistan that the Taliban are making major gains are disturbing. But in war, once the occupying force pulls out, whichever side is strongest is going to brutally destroy the other side to seize and maintain power. We’ve seen this over and over throughout history.

President Biden may remember all too well how things ended with the Fall of Saigon (end of Vietnam War) in 1975, and the mad rush to evacuate. That’s how wars often end.

Time to cut our losses in Afghanistan and bring our troops home.

Photo Credit: Hugh Van Es, and his iconic Fall of Saigon photo from 1975.

Cuomo to Resign in Disgrace; Kathy Hochul Set to Become the Next New York Governor

The pressure was too much for Andrew Cuomo, and he will resign in disgrace. Cuomo will leave the Governor’s mansion and the great New York state Cuomo family dynasty in shambles.

In the end, Cuomo defiantly stood his ground on the allegations and AG report, but threw in the towel.

My instinct is to fight through this controversy because I believe it is politically motivated. I believe it is unfair and untruthful. If I could communicate the facts through the frenzy, New Yorkers would understand.

New York state will soon have it’s first female Governor. Her name is Kathy Hochul, who is currently the Lt. Gov of New York.

Photo: Reuters

Quick Thoughts on Red and Blue States

Final House of Representatives map from 2020 Election. Credit: Real Clear Politics

No secret to anyone the United States is deeply divided. Politics is everywhere, including in big business. Can see this clearly on how big corporations are evolving their corporate goals, and especially on Linkedin, where political messaging is hammered away every single day in company post updates.

We live in a political world. How can this business minded writer not write about politics?

I subscribe to red and blue state thinking. Blue states (and cities) are more liberal, and Red states (and cities) are more Conservative.

Full disclosure, this writer leans to the red, but does hold a few blue state political positions.

Readers may disagree with this writer on important political topics of the day, but just know I write from a place where the American Heartland meets the political center of America, and contrary to what anyone may argue, many of my points of view reflect two hundred years of American normal.

See all that red on the map? Politically, that’s foundational for the DNA of American Tradition.

On Biden’s Speech to Congress

Photo Credit: Getty

Last night President Joe Biden delivered his first speech to Congress saying “America is on the move again’, while noting the nation is at an ‘inflection point’ too.

The moment calls for more spending the President argues.

Massive spending actually.

In the amount of another proposed $2.25 trillion in infrastructure spending, and another $1.8 trillion in a family safety net, and that’s in addition to the recent $1.9 trillion stimulus.

Republicans quickly jumped to attack Biden’s ambition plans of driving up America’s debt by $6 trillion.

This blog comes at policy from a fiscally conservative, business minded standpoint. The notion that America needs to spend trillions on unnecessary big government programs and drive up our national debt to compete in the 21st Century, while China is trapped in 300% debt to GDP ratio is to be nice, at best impractical.

Saddling down future generations with high debt interest payments will make USA unflexible, stagnant, and bloated.

While I’m not opposed to government spending on legit infrastructure to rebuild roads, airports, bridges to best compete in the 21st Century, I’d want to make sure we only spend what we need out of that projected $300 to $600 billion that actually makes sense. If we can do infrastructure for $200 billion, even better.

Most of what President Biden proposed last night will be DOA in the Senate.

Politicians should stop overpromising what they can’t deliver, and focus on what taxpayers (We The People) want to spend taxpayer $$$ on to improve the nation.

Into the Final Stretch of the 2020 election, a Super Close Race

Forget the ridiculous national polls that have no correlation with reality. Those are called ‘suppression polls’ and designed to drive a narrative Trump is losing big, but he isn’t.

The election comes down to a handful of swing states. The 2020 election is super close, both Presidential campaigns know it, and mainstream media pollsters know it too. If it was really a +16 race, Biden wouldn’t be so focused on Pennsylvania or Florida.

Each Presidential campaign has internal polls likely more accurate than these +12 to +16 national polls which are a joke. The election is about state polls now, and the most accurate polls from past election cycles shows Trump winning Florida, North Carolina, and Arizona, and within striking distance in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

Best polling shows Trump has a slight electoral college lead 3 weeks out, and while this map shows Arizona as a tossup, strong Arizona poll for Trump the other day with +4 (Trafalagar Poll). Michigan tilting Trump, and Pennsylvania tilting Biden.

Best thinking today is the race comes down to Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Who is Winning in the Race to be President

In the race for the Presidency, national polls don’t amount to much, because in the end, a handful of battlefield states will determine who wins the race.

At this time, polling aggregates have the race about 7-9 point national lead for Joe Biden, but state polling is telling a much different story.

The reason the prediction markets have a near 50/50 odds, is because states like Wisconsin, Michigan and Florida are close, that is if you rely on polling with a historically good track record. And Minnesota could be a near tie.

The polls were wrong in 2014, and 2016 elections, In October 2016, Real Clear Politics had Hillary Clinton up 7 points, and then Donald Trump won the election a few weeks later.

it appears Joe Biden is winning, but if you look at historically accurate polling in states where the election most matters, Donald Trump may have an electoral advantage.

Photo: Financial Times

Obamacare Unconstitutional? A Nightmare for Republicans

The world has changed some.

Republicans didn’t lose the House last month to gun control, climate change, or immigration. They got wiped out in the suburbs, and elsewhere by Health care.

2018 Midterms was about Health care. Period.

If last night’s ruling holds, Republicans can weaken themselves electorally in suburbs, and swing states, thereby putting the Republican Presidency at risk in 2020, and losing odds to win back the House.

This isn’t 2010. Health care is now a political winner, and pre-existing conditions are the new Holy Grail of Health Care.

Next time Dems are in power, they’ll push for Medicare-for-all, which would be a disaster.

We’ll see how the coming months go, but at this point, if the Obamacare ruling holds, I’m thinking Congress gives Trump his wall, in exchange for protecting pre-existing conditions.

RT nicholaskitchel: This is the photo taken at the White House right after HouseGOP voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act last year.

Everyone with an ❌ has since been voted out of Congress.

Health Care

When TIME Magazine Was Relevant

The once great TIME Magazine has been irrelevant for years. Even with new ownership.

You can’t pick a ‘Person of the Year’ and not get it right, and expect to be called relevant.

No one person is more influential, and destabilizing to the world, year after year, than President Donald J. Trump.

This week, TIME Magazine missed it, again.

Legal Analysis

On Friday’s memorandum from the Feds:

– President Trump has NOT been implicated in a crime. There is no evidence here to support an allegation.

– The President cannot be charged in office.

– Tough for prosecutors to prove illegal campaign finance violations by Trump, even if legit evidence ever emerged. In addition, Michael Cohen has a major credibility problem.

– POTUS could pardon himself.

– Partisans are holding President Trump up to a legal standard that the Obama Campaign violated, much worse, and then settled with a fine; for a total bigger than Cohen’s total case.

– Impeachment is not a legal proceeding. It is political. If the House of Representatives wants to impeach the President during a major election cycle term, have at it. Without evidence, the votes in the Senate to convict are just not there.

Photo: University of Chicago: The Law School