New Second Amendment Case Granted Cert by Supreme Court

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SCOTUS Justice Group Photo

When it comes to gun rights/gun control narratives, the media and opposing political establishment has it out for the Second Amendment.

Here’s the key talking points of what just happened yesterday:

Issue as SCOTUS defines it: “Whether the state of New York’s denial of petitioners’ applications for concealed-carry licenses for self-defense violated the Second Amendment.”

In non legal terms, can a state restrict a person’s right to get licensed to carry a firearm outside the home, based on the requirement of demonstrating “proper cause” for self-defense?

Even through the balance of power for the Second Amendment far outweighs political opposition, with the news that SCOTUS has accepted NYS Rifle & Pistol v. Corlett, this is seen as a case that could potentially be a landmark ruling, advancing gun rights in a major way, nationwide.

Not since District of Columbia v. Heller has the Supreme Court weighed in on a major Second Amendment case, and with this new case, SCOTUS has the potential to do four things:

1. Strike down the NYS restrictive concealed carry law that requires a person to demonstrate ‘proper cause’ for self defense.

2. Clarify the court’s stance on 2A, and concealed carry.

3. Set precedent on gun rights for American citizens, both in and outside their homes.

4. Establish new standards for review on gun rights cases.

The case will likely be argued later this Fall, with a ruling expected by or before June 2022.

In coming media segments on this SCOTUS case over the next year, credible gun right’s experts have an opportunity to educate and drive clarity on 2A realities.

Guns in America: A Reality Check

America once again finds itself in a fierce national debate over guns. For politicians, gun policy ‘talking points’ are often moving goalposts, as after any mass shooting that shocks the national conscience, the partisan lines are deep and angry.

A significant mass shooting now happens in America about 2x to 4x a year, and the debate lasts for a few days to weeks until all legislative options are exhausted, and the news cycle moves on to the next thing.

Gun control activists will push for whatever legislation is on the table during the most recent mass shooting cycle, and gun rights’ supporters are reluctant to pass new laws, as both sides never see eye to eye.

What’s missing from the gun debate is a dose of reality:

– Guns (handguns, pistols, revolvers), rifles, and modern sporting rifles are not only legal in America, but part of a 200+ year national heritage.

There are about 120 million gun owners (near 40% of the U.S. Population), 400 million guns, and $2 trillion rounds of ammunition in America.

– New laws guns are extremely difficult to pass on the Federal level. This is mainly because of ‘Congressional Voting Districts’, and constituents who simply don’t want to pass new gun laws. America is a Constitutional Republic of 50 states, and each state can pass their own gun laws, if they have the votes.

– To ban guns in America is going to be very, very difficult, and even if in 100 years guns were somehow banned, or the Supreme Court wiped out the Second Amendment, confiscating 400 million guns in a Republic that once repealed prohibition is going to be near impossible.

This is a difficult, emotional debate, and politicians and pundits who can talk about guns in a rational, insightful way, while helping Americans understand policy and reality can craft a media expert niche to discuss gun safety, law, tradition, and policy reality.