So Long Ed Asner (1929-2021)

Lou Grant (1977-1982)

Television legend Ed Asner passed away today at the age of 91.

With an acting career that spanned well over 60 years, Ed Asner’s career accomplishments are far too numerous to cite in a few paragraphs to honor his legacy, but one of his final roles was to play in a few episodes of ‘Cobra Kai’, and Asner fans loved that.

To play ‘Lou Grant’ was a dream role for any 1970’s TV actor, and Ed Asner got to play Lou in not one, but two golden age of television shows; Lou Grant and The Mary Tyler Moore Show. Many of today’s older reporters were inspired to get into journalism because of Ed Asner.

Ed Asner’s signature career accomplishment was in The Mary Tyler Moore Show. No one person in American history did more to advance the modern women’s movement (and modern journalism maybe) than Mary Tyler Moore. And Ed Asner’s ‘Lou Grant’ (on Mary Tyler Moore Show), was a big part of this legacy, whether he knew it at the time, or not.

Winning seven Emmy awards, Ed Asner is the most celebrated male actor in television history, This reflects both Asner’s top notch acting skills, and the great TV writing projects he was a part of.

When Gavin Macleod (Captain Stubing on the Love Boat) passed away last May, Ed Asner tweeted this, which has stuck with me.

Now Betty White is the last of the old MTM crew.

RIP Ed Asner