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To make an impact in American politics and help shape public policy requires vision, timing, responsibility and a purpose. It also requires having reality based perspectives on current events, issues of the day, and what matters most to the American people so politicians can best serve the people and drive effective, well thought out public policy.

Scott delivers valuable and relevant political insights to help policy makers and candidates running for office shape and cultivate the right message. Crafting and nurturing the best narrative for a political agenda can be the difference between winning and losing an election.

Education: Raising the bar to drive higher graduation rates and better test scores, and smarter students. America is the nation that educated men who invented the internet, landed on the moon, and won World War ll. We know how to educate generations of children to grow up and accomplish great things.

National Debt: Approaching $20 trillion. Possible debt crisis in 10 to 20 years if we do nothing now, and wages will remain mostly stagnant until we bring the debt down. We don’t need $20 Trillion in debt, and until our debt is scaled back, wages will remain mostly stagnant, inequality gets worse, and we’re in a vicious cycle of adding more debt, until one day it becomes overwhelming, both from the sheer size of it, and from interest.

Economy:  Create good paying full-time jobs, a better trained workforce, and target 4% ‘full-time’ unemployment with millions more Americans entering back the work force.

Poverty/Homelessness: Develop solutions that create financial independence.

Energy: Strategically and realistically address 21st century energy needs.

Global Warming: 550 ppm would be concerning, but we’re at 400 ppm (ppm = parts per million) now (NASA). For a serious debate, must break free from Al Gore’s spell on the media, think twenty years out, and be cautious on spending and ghg cuts while China and India’s emissions skyrocket.

Taxes: Reform is needed. Taxpayers work hard for their money, and want the government to spend taxpayer dollars wisely to benefit America, and American interests.

Religious Freedom: America is a demographically diverse nation where religion plays an integral part in this nation’s founding and modern culture. In a vast nation of diverse demographics, equality means both sides are respected.

Guns: The Second Amendment, protected in the U.S. Constitution, is a major reason why America is free and successful.

Immigration: America is the #1 immigration nation in the world. Between 1892 to 1954, 12 million immigrants came to America, and another 59 million immigrants have come to America since 1968. By 2050, our population is projected to be 440 million. America is a land of immigrants, but with $20 trillion in debt, and foreign policy messes, we need to rethink our immigration policies.

Military: Leading the 21st century with the strongest, best trained military and military technology on the planet.

Foreign Policy: Understanding America’s role in the world, using our power wisely, and not overreacting to world events.

NSA Surveillance:  In a perfect America, surveillance is scaled back, but until then, rational debate is needed by Americans, not a debate driven by foreign powers.

Where do you stand on these important debates?

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